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CTAC Girona was founded in 2010 with the aim to work with and for people with disabilities through assisted therapy with dogs. The therapy consists in using the dogs, in which have the unique qualities that offer benefits in the global development of the person, as an ancillary to other therapies that are involved with therapeutic intent. These therapies are aimed at people who live with a mental or physical disability and/or having any difficulties in society or education.

Therefore, our mission is to develop programs with Assisted Therapy with Dogs, Activities Assisted with Dogs and the awareness of the needs of society towards Integration of the group of people with disabilities and/or any other disorder, with the dog as the principal character. Also participating in the delivery of assistance dogs in conjunction with the Association Somriures CTAC.

In CTAC Girona, we program the assisted therapies with dogs with the main objective, always from an inclusive and integrated perspective, to achieve an improved quality of life, making use of an essential tool which is the therapy dog. This becomes a multi sensory stimulus able to capture de attention and motivation of the patient or the student facilitating their cooperation and involvement in the therapeutic or educational therapy.

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